Wealthy & Aligned by Human Design

The HOW Just Found You

Stop the Hustle & Start the Impact

Use Human Design & the Gene Keys to create business, marketing, and sales strategy with Integrity.


You are not here to burnout through launches, give your time away for pennies, and hope the right people recognize the value you bring.


You are here to blossom through business creation.

To transform your life so your clients can see what is possible through you.

To deeply serve the world with the innate gifts you bring

All the while getting paid a F ton of money.

Money, marketing and sales doesn't work the way you have been told.

There is an energetic to money creation 

It’s pointless to hustle your way to millions, sacrifice for the laptop lifestyle, and experience success that comes and goes.

Building a business takes commitment, inner passion and a determination that can only be found with a deep connection to the Soul’s purpose.

Using our proven systems and structures, alongside Universal Intelligence- we help you find your unique direct path to financial freedom.

Our offers are built to get you results.

The result of knowing how you create money, how you create and sustain success and embody the energy of wealth as your birthright.

Together we create money using Quantum Intelligence, your natural gifts and the unique intelligence of your  Design.

It is no accident you found this page.

Your Soul has spoken. It’s time.



Nail your...

  • Niche
  • Ideal Clients
  • Offers
  • Business Model
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy

...all while living a life without compromise.

I call that being Wealth Energy.

By becoming Wealth Energy, you-


  • Get clear on WHO you are serving and WHY
  • Create offers that people buy
  • Market directly to the people who are meant to pay you
  • Create safety for a sales transaction 
  • Increase your impact and business effortlessly
  • Make high paying decisions confidently
  • Feel the support of Universal Intelligence along the way

And your life becomes one big dream come true.


Find the thing people can't wait to pay you for.

The path to 6 and 7 figures is written in your DNA.

Through my proven process, The High Frequency Formula, we walk you step-by-step into a business that becomes a reliable income portal for you and your family.

We find your unique Wealth Codes, help you face the sabotage patterns that keep you from embodying them, and turn your purpose into profit.

The time to get started is NOW.

Becoming Wealth Energy allows you to:

  • Bust through scarcity and create abundance on demand
  • Get out of the fear frequency that is repelling your money
  • Create an offer that will sell itself
  • Attract only the best clients to work with
  • Learn how to market and sell in an aligned way
  • Figure out exactly what people will pay you for
  • Gain confidence around charging for your services
  • Learn how to operate your business without hustle or distraction
  • Use Human Design in your own business for team building and leadership skills
  • Stop indulging in thought drama once and for all


Private Coaching Includes

  • 90 minute onboarding call
  • Weekly attunement calls with Danielle; the most effective way to get access to exactly what you need to make shifts in business and live NOW
  • A Human Design reading with Jayden
  • Instant on-demand access to the High Frequency Formula curriculum
  • A physical copy of the 182 page HFF channeled workbook delivered to your door
  • Your personalized Wealth Energy Profile

Get my eyes on your limiting beliefs, marketing magnetism, business model, offers, sales, and marketing strategy.

This is a high touch relationship with results in 4 months.

Availability limited. Pricing starts at $10k. Payment options available.

The results of being Wealth Energy are anything BUT typical

Quantum results happen because:

  • I can see where you have been sabotaging your success
  • I can see where your conditioning has been creating and blocking the money in your life
  • I make sure your conditioning stops running the show
  • I evaluate your progress
  • We address everything HEAD ON
  • We make decisions from a place of authority and evaluate the results of those decisions
  • We do not indulge in any energy that distracts us from your result


You will learn...

  • What your Wealth Codes are
  • How to use your Human Design Wealth Codes in marketing and sales techniques
  • Who exactly your next paying client is
  • How to attract your Soul mate clients consistently
  • How to stay in the frequency of abundance
  • To recognize your personal money patterns
  • How to monetize your purpose and passion
  • How to use social media for your business
    (HINT- you don't need an algorithm hack or thousands of followers)
  • How to work closely with the Laws of the Universe
  • How to trust yourself to create money and keep it in flow
  • How to take Human Design into your business for team and leadership development
  • How to release conditioning once and for all



The High Frequency Formula Works for Everyone


I show you how to take natural magnetism into your business.

Results will feel like Magic- but it's Wealth Energy.

It is your Birthright to live into success- it is time to monetize your purpose and feel fully supported by money.


Your next paying client is waiting for this version of you to show up.

Your next decision determines if they find you or not.

I show you how to make six figure decisions and take action towards millions, no more sabotage.



Creating wealth through your business requires commitment and a willingness to step into the unknown.  

Having someone by your side saves you time, money, and mistakes on your way there. 

I help you step into and embody the frequency that makes you Wealth Energy™


I'm Danielle

A retired Registered Nurse turned Human Design expert and business coach.

A few years back, I decided to listen to my Soul’s higher calling and go all in on the Human Design experiment.

My experiment with my own Wealth Codes led me to a million dollar brand in less than 2 years.

Spending 5 years in the Human Design experiment allowed me to discover a pattern that allowed money and abundance to flow to me through serving people with the gifts and strengths that came so naturally.

I coined this pattern the Wealth Codes, and created the High Frequency Formula around it.

I now coach and teach the Wealth Code strategy to women who are ready to start calling in a new level of money through their business.

Working with hundreds of clients with results of over $8 million proved that the Wealth Codes don't just work for me- they work for everyone. 


You are READY to work with us if...

  • You have tried hustling your way to money and you’re done
  • You are ready to up level your $$$ and get off of the income rollercoaster
  • You want to live a life of time freedom and abundance
  • You want to sell without feeling like you're selling
  • You are ready to start making decisions in your business with confidence
  • You are done allowing imposter syndrome to run the show
  • You are done seeing money happen to everyone else but you
  • You are ready to monetize your purpose
  • You want to trust yourself in a deeper way through the business building process

The HOW just found you.

Step out of your own way and step confidently onto the path towards your destiny of abundance.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s time to experience the freedom of Wealth Energy.